At an early age, Manaz, encouraged by an aunt who was an artist, began her painting career. Manaz’ Philosophy began to unfold. Her art exists to reaffirm the wonder of life and bring hope and joy to those who see it.

Influenced by tenets of romanticism and aesthetics, Manaz’ works convey her abiding belief in the spiritual renewal that takes place when confronted by pure beauty.

The symbolic expression that portrays this view is the beauty of women. Women as maiden, sister, lover, wife, and mother. Women in harmony with the natural world as well as the realm of fantasy.

The artist’s style is elegant. Her technique is superb. With canvas and tubes of color as her tools, Manaz brings to life the most beauteous feminine faces and figures, delicately detailed and surrounded by luxuriant flora, adorned by billowing robes and sinuous strands of golden ribbon. As the viewer pauses before the canvas, each lovely face will tell a story.

After Manaz undertook her formal training at the Academy of Fine Art, she has participated in many one person and group exhibitions at prestigious galleries for a small number of carefully selected exhibitions in the United States and other corners of the world.